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Having Belief In The Way You Work

Several subjects have been running through my head through the last few days about what subject to write about next. One subject that kept coming up was the importance of having belief and faith in the way you work.

As someone who is still relatively young, with what I like to think are my best years still to come, we live, and work, in a very noisy world. I’m a big fan of Norwich City Football Club, and one of the people who I look up to and aspire to be like the most, is our Sporting Director Stuart Webber. He is the same age as me and has been remarkably successful in his career so far and I believe is a great example to follow, for all generations, but particularly for those of the same generation as me. I watch a lot of Stuart’s interviews and I admire the way he is so down to earth and realistic. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Stuart a couple of times, and one of his mantras is the saying “Ignore The Noise”, which is something that really hit home with me.

As I say, we live and work in a very noisy world, where everybody has an opinion. It’s very easy to get pulled from pillar to post, and to easily doubt yourself when all these opinions and ‘advice’ fly around. It lead me to a few points.

  • I think it’s important to find role models in work (and life in general) which you can look up to and look at the way they work and try to adopt some of their ways into your own ways of working. I think you can learn both good traits and valuable lessons, from anyone who you cross paths with in life, but It’s also important to be around people who know what they are talking about, who will help you develop in your career and who genuinely care, even if it’s a handful of people, as not everybody will be like that. There are several out there who will have their own agenda and may feel the need to make you feel small and take the value out of your ideas and methods, just to fulfil an ego.

  • Ignoring the noise means if you have belief in your ideas, methods, mannerisms and the ways which you go about the way you work, and it feels right for you, then have faith in it and stick to it despite all that happens around you. There will be multiple times where others knock it, or situations will make you question it. That is inevitable. But one thing I’ve learned is that the other person isn’t always right, and you should stick to and be bold about your ideas and methods and resist the temptation to change it if you don’t necessarily agree with the alternatives. By all means, listen and make considerations to what you hear, but stick to the ways you believe in. So much nowadays, is based solely on somebody else’s opinion, which it’s important to remember is just as valuable as yours.

  • This third point is a tough one, but also something I feel thats realistic in 2020, is that it’s important to remember that sometimes your work won’t always get the recognition or approval, because of simply who you are. There has been multiple times in my working career, and during situations in life in general, where either I’ve produced a piece of work, or carried out a task in a certain way, and it is questioned just for the sake of it being questioned because ‘Chris Newby’ did it. You see it happen with others too. Then you see someone else of a ‘higher’ standing, or someone who is maybe more established in their area, do exactly the same thing, or suggest exactly the same idea and its accepted and believed in! I think rather than a frustration, it is a further sign of why it’s important to have the belief and faith in yourself, and whatever the idea is, to stick with it, as when these knock-backs happen, it can have one of two effects. It could start to make you doubt yourself continuously and feel disheartened (like it does me sometimes), or it can drive you on and make you think ‘I’ll prove them wrong’ (which for many, is arguably the harder mentality to adopt, give all of the pressures that life throws at us). Reputations are built on time, but I also do believe that sometimes, despite how hard you work, that you need that little bit of good fortune when it comes to being noticed and getting opportunities to build up a reputation. You can have all the talent in the world, and there are so many people out there, who are amazingly talented at whatever they do but tragically never ever get given that opportunity to show the world.

Remember that everybody is different but it’s also important to remember, no matter how hard it can be in the workplace sometimes, to try to find the best way to work that suits you, and stick to it if you have a deep belief in it, as ultimately in work, and life in general, we can only be the best version of ourselves.

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