Supporting Each Other

Working life can be, at times, full and full of knock-backs. In this particular time, when Covid-19 has suddenly affected so many individuals and business in the Fresh food industry, its sometimes hard to know when that next opportunity will come. This of course, is through absolutely nobody’s fault, and if anything it should be praised that almost all of us are putting health before wealth, sticking with government guidance, rather than the other way around. For business though, it is nevertheless, not easy - for any of us.

Through no-ones fault, depending on your specific industry, a lot of leads and possibilities that were on the horizon are now suddenly not there. Business drops off, key colleagues and partners are getting furloughed, correspondence drops off and so on. It’s important to remember as well though that ‘to quote Stuart Webber’ - every problem can be seen as an opportunity.

I think the most important thing to remember though is that we are all in this together, and this pandemic has affected everybody’s business - in several different ways, and the best way forward is to try your best to be available and as supportive to all of clients, as much as you can.

Whilst everybody is understandably always wanting to push and promote their products and services as much as they can, I think that its also just as important during this current pandemic that more thought and consideration than ever is given to your supply partners and clients circumstances needs, other than your own. Understanding needs to be shown now, probably more than ever, and it’s important to remember that we are all in this together.

I know that support from your supply partners and clients during this period, and in fact during any tough time, does not go unvalued or unnoticed, and the main thing is that we all come through the other end of this pandemic together and ready to go again. It would be an absolute shame if any business was to cease operating because of this.

Some of the points I’ve tried to consider and apply during this pandemic are:

  • Make sure your clients and supply partners know you are always there to help, if needed.

  • Try to remember that there is every chance, due to circumstances, that your service won’t be needed currently, but just simply being available and ready to help can go a long way.

  • Show support and understanding to peoples particular circumstances.

Remember that whilst this is a testing period for a lot of us, it also can open up the possibility of new opportunities and ideas and it’s important to remain optimistic. However we are all in this together and we need to work together, and show each other understanding and support. If you go through this period only thinking about yourself, then its unlikely to stand you in good stead when this pandemic is over.